How To Startup A Small Chops Business and Make Over 50,000naira Weekly

Making money in this 21st century has been made so easy. If you're able to think well,  you can never be poor.

Forget about capital, if you stay glued to you will get stunning business ideas that don't request much or any starting capital atall.

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Today I'll be discussing on how to start up a small chops business and earn over 50,000 naira from it weekly.

Take it or not, there are a whole lots of event centers in the country and they all are often booked for events virtually every weekend.
So what does that tell you? 

Weddings and birthdays,  seminars and burials take place every week and believe it, small chops is a necessity.

Before the main food is served, the guests needs to put something in the  mouth to kill boredom and also as appertiser.

Below is a list of Nigerian Small chops that event owners will be glad to have you prepare for them.

1. Samosa
2. Spring rolls
4. Mini Puff Puff
5. Mini Sausage Rolls
6. Asun (smoked peppered spicy goat meat)
7. Nigerian Coconut Candy
8. Nigerian Mini Donuts
9. Gizdodo/Dodo Gizzards (Plantains&Gizzards)
10. Mini Cakes
11. Meat stuffed yam (potato) balls
12. Banana Puff Puff
13. Nigerian Battered Plantain etc.

Look, it's not necessary you become a full caterer, you can just decide to deal in small chops alone as long as you are a good cook or can make it sweet.

Bid for events, create a relationship with event centers and let the recommend you.

Meet with caterers that get good jobs and let them recommend you for small chops.

You can even start with in house small events and get paid.  If you get good numbers of jobs a week, do you know how much you are gonna make in a week?

You might just even be a manager of your  business and employ capable hands to do the job.

Think about it, you don't need to work in a bank or get a life stressing job to become rich.

You dont necessarily need an office to start, you can use your home and do your thing and make supplies.

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  1. Dear kayode ,

    Can you recommend any good place in satelite town to lasu were someone can train for small chops.

    Thank you

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