How To Start A Cake Baking Business and Make Over 50,000naira Weekly

Welcome to another interesting section of business tips on, we want to apologize for our break in transmission, lol,  for a short while,  we just had to solve some internal issues.

Today we will be dealing with an interesting business idea which is cake making.  As you know that on getupideas, we don't believe in you making it just in the vocation you know a thing or two about.  We believe you can make cool cash doing a business you have little or no idea about.

So, either you know about cake making it not,  you can still make the best out of this article.

Take it or you leave it,  birthdays are done everyday,  weddings are not left undone and cakes are ordered by people on several of this occasions.

All you need to do is to start creating awareness that you are into cake making and delivery.

To do this,  you need to network with people who do cakes(thats if you don't know how to do cakes yourself) but if you know how to do it, you can make your cakes yourself and deliver them.

To those who don't know how to bake cakes,  just get two to three people who knows their onions when it comes to cake baking, let them know you could need their service anytime and immediately they agree, Boom,  you are good to go.

Get on social medias,  begin to broadcast that you do cakes for weeding proper, birthdays, wedding anniversary, reunion etc.
Go and download series of pictures of nice looking cakes and give yourself a brand name.

Immediately you get orders, call your bakers and give them a sample of what your customer needs,  let him/her tell you the cost of baking it,  add your gain to it and let your customers know.

Try to make your prices modrate and if its high too, just know how to convince your customers.

Have you wondered how some people still get to sell a product at high prices and people still buy?

It is because they know how to approach customers, pet them and nurture them.
Making money is not hard, you just have to sit down and saddle up ideas and use them.

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