How To Start A Business In Jumia and Make Over 40,000naiea Weekly

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Making money online is as easy as the simplest thing you know. If you go through our homepage, you will see a whole lots of mind blowing business ideas for both the online world and offline world.

Today I will be putting us through how to make money on Jumia.

Jumia is one of the biggest online store were people buy alot of things on daily basis.

Now the questinon is how do you make money on jumia without uploading anything for sale.

It's very simple and easy.

Do you know that the secret most of your friends that make bags, shoes and clothes to sell don't understand is that you also can go on jumia,  pick whatsoever thing you want to deal in and sell.

It might be phones, laptops, male wears, female wears, accessories etc just pick onething you want to deal in and then you can move on.

After selecting what you want to deal in,  go on jumia and find those things.  Download so many designs or types of it and know the price attached to it.

Now start uploading to your whatsapp status, tell friends about it,  tell people that you sell stuffs like that.

When you get an order, add Your Own price to the original price of the product on jumia and let the person know.
 Take for example, the price of a phone on jumia is 252,000 , you can tell the person you are selling at 260,000.

The person tries to beat it down to apparently about 255k.  So what you do when you are sure the person is ready to pay is to other the goods on jumia and get it delivered to you then you. You pay for it and then deliver to your own customer.

It is advisable that you collect the money from the customer first as long as you are trustworthy then you will just pay for it when jumia delivers it and then send it to the original buyer after removing your profit.

Imagine you do this 10 times a week if you have good patronage then that means you can make a whooping 30,000 weekly.

Wow.... Making money isn't really hard but how fast you can think matters.

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  1. This is a very great piece sir...I'm putting this in action

  2. Sir what about the delivery if the person buying from me is also far away

    1. Thank you for visiting, all you need to do is add a delivery fee and use a delivery agent to send it over.

  3. I was surfing net and fortunately came across this site and found very interesting stuff here. Its really fun to read. I enjoyed a lot. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. Write for us business

  4. Thank you for reading and dropping this comment. Great content is what we are dedicated to dishing out and we will be ever active to keep giving more.