Understanding The Power Of Choices In Building The Future Of Your Dreams

How far a man will go in life is dependent on how much of right choices he is able to make over time.

Your ability to make right decisions per-time concerning your life and future is one of the criteria that sets you up for greatness.

> The choice of friends you will keep,

> The choice of the kind of future you want,

> The choice of what you engage in,

> The choice of whom you listen to,

> The choice of how far you aim in life all centers on you.

Show me a man who has built around himself walls of good choices and decision and I will show you a man who is set for exploit no matter what.

The world no longer celebrate mediocres or people who are blown here and there by the decisions of others, the world is out and applauding men who are in control of their lives, they stand even when others are moving, they say NO when others are clamouring YES.

The choices you make today will either make your future or mare it. 

So many elderly people wish they could return to their childhood to right their wrongs and make good choices again but the grace for that is no more.

There is a need for you to always stand your ground in every situation,  never allow peer pressure overcome you, get a focus and run with it.

What is good for a friend might do a great harm to you. Life is not a twin journey, tega said "all man for himself"

Let your mind be opened and your consciousness alert that the right choices you make today is an enjoyment or an additional value to your tommorow.

I have seen men do hard labour with gray hair, I have seen futures and destinies traded with temporary pleasures  because of inability to make right choices.
People jump into relationships like its a swimming pool,

They make decisions in a haste,
Subscribe to just anything that is brought their way. 

Great men are not like that, they are reserved, they take first, second and third thoughts on issues.

They are not tossed around like a 6sided die.

The future is just a few miles away, you would look back at today with either a smile or a drip of water rolling down your eyes, decide which it will be.

Getupideas loves you and want to see you go great.

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