Tips On How To Get Over Your Past Move On Great In Life

One of the greatest restrictions and hindrance to success in life is self guilt and blame.

We all have a past and trust me 99% of us had a totally rough past. Troubling memories from the past make it hard to live in the present.

“A bend in the road is not the end of the road…unless you fail to make the turn.”
Let’s face it: we all dwell on the past from time to time. That’s okay—we’re human beings with emotions. As we live life and experience it to its fullest, it’s only natural that we sometimes cling on to occurrences of the past.

But when our desire to cling to the past affects our future, we begin a potentially unhealthy and seemingly endless battle that can hold us down and sink us.

I feel a pain of a waste of time and destiny when I hear people say things like
" if not for that experience, I won't be here"

" if not for that mistake I should have gone far"

"If not for my ex my life should have been better"

Yes!  I agree,  it has happened and it has happened, are you going to sit down there and while away your life?

Won't you get your butt up and move ahead?

In life you fall but how you stand up is left to you.  If you are able to build your courage to stand again, them the best is waiting for you.
Don't blame anybody, don't blame yourself.

You weren't able to fix your past but you can rewrite your future.

If everyone in the world had to feel in their rough past just like you are doing now, would there be any record of Great personalities?

You have failed before, so?  Get up and try again!

You got pregnant at a tender age, so?  Give birth to the baby and still pursue a life.

You got dissapointed and you then decide not to give more trials?  No!  Keep trying.

Don't let the past hunt you.  Stand your ground that the past is gone and present is were you are and you can still make a good story out of it.

When people remind you of your rough past, shut them up and let them know it is now a different ball game.

You don't deserve to be caged in the past, what you need is a chase after a great future.

I dare you to let go your past and move On.
The sky is your staring point.

Getupideas love you.

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