How To Overcome Inferiority Complex And Build Good Courage

It has been a great challenge for many lives to bring out the best in them because of their infiriority complex. So many people see themselves as not up to the task and therefore opt-out of something that would have launched them into an unimaginable success.

Some people find it difficult to speak or express themselves in front of others,not because they don't know what to say but because they see themselves as lower in standard compared to others.
Inferiority complex is often an offshoot of height barriers, level of intelligence, ones beauty or handsomeness,communicative ability etc.

It has been observed that people that are even at advantage in the aforementioned categories are often inferior.

In life, it is the way you present yourself that people will relate with you, when you look down on yourself, people will invariably look down on you.

You need to know that you are special in your own way. You were created special the same way others were. In you is something great and you need to be bold to let it shine.
As long as you keep looking down on yourself, you can never exhibit your greatness.

You need to come out of your shell not today but NOW. You need to start building your courage, try improving yourself in all necessary areas.

If you will gain the trust and mind of people,it won't just spring up one day,your will build it with time.

You need to show the world that there is a king in you. There are lot of things you have to offer your world want to ofbut as far as you keep seeing yourself inferior.
Say to yourself that as from today I will never look down on myself. I am as good as others or even better,there is nothing they can do that I can't.

Always see the best part of yourself and see things going on well with you.

Be positive minded,

You are an entity,  a great plus to the world.
This not a courage for physical combat but courage of the mind that makes you win even before the battle and after it.

I challenge you for exploit,

I challenge your for greatness,  weak men/women don't rule but the bold do.

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