How To Make Money Easily On OLX Without Stress

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Today I will be putting us through how we can make money easily On Olx. I want to believe we all know about olx. Olx is one of  Nigeria's biggest online market where people put things up for sale.

Now, take this from me that you don't need to have a thing of your own to sell on olx before you earn from it. There is a way you can put things that matters up for sale on olx.

I remember when I started earning from olx, I just came up with the idea of checking up what really gets more sales or purchase on olx, then I discovered people buy phones more than every other thing on olx.

Having discovered this, I went to get pictures of most sort after phones, Android mobiles and the then q5 and q10 blackberries.

When I get the pictures, I post them on olx and create an impression that they are for sale.

When I get any request for any of them, I quickly locate a London used type of it around me that is forsale and sell it out to the person.

I get paid for the phone and after that I pay off the original owner and then hold the profit on it to myself.

For better understanding :

Emeka for example searched for pictures of Techno camon X and post it on olx for sale even without having the phone.

Then, when he gets a request for the phone, he looks around for a friend who wants to sell that kind of phone, he bargains with him on price,  then he will sell it to the person on olx at an higher price, get his money and deliver the phone then pay off is friend and keep his gain.

So it's that easy,

You can do this for laptops, phones and gadgets and see how you are gonna make your money.

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