How To Earn 80,000naira Weekly From A Job You Know Nothing About

Making upto 80,000 naira weekly is no big deal if you know how to play your cards well. Making it big in the business world is not about hardwork but smartwork.

If you would think outside the box, then you will earn real well.

Today I will be teaching you on one great source of income I have leveraged on over the years that has made me money.
If one would have to stay glued to what he knows how to do to make money, little is how far he will go in life.

I have seen people with no idea about website design bidding for jobs of web design.
I have seen people with no idea about event management and decoration bidding to manage events and decorate it.
I have seen people without the slightest idea about any logistics at all bidding for jobs.

Until you understand the secret of subcontracting, you might not know that making money is easy.
You need to learn how to leverage on other peoples ideas and capabilities.
Subcontracting is just like you getting a job and giving it to someone else to do. You get paid, take your share and give the person who worked his/her share.

When you hear that someone needs a graphics designer, a painter, a social media expert, tell them you do it!
Negotiate with the person, get a competent hand to handle the job, when the job is done, pay the person off and work away with your gain.

I was at a place where they announced that they needed a photographer for a big event. Neutrally I know nothing about photography but being a business inclined person I quickly informed them that photography is what I do and that's how I got the job.

Having gotten it, I sort for a professional in photography, gave him the job, I got paid and gave him his share.  That simple smart work earned me about 20,000naira.

Imagine you having to be at alert and hugging diverse jobs like this, do you know you can earn over 100k a week? is here to give you more of sweet business tips and motivation.

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