6 Sure Fire Ways To Earn People's Respect and Make Them Regard You

Respect is one factor that speaks much louder than power in most cases. When you are well respected,be rest assured that you will command obedience.

So many individuals live a loose life which expose them to lots of mess. When you are respected,people don’t refer to you just anyhow,they will be very attentive at the instant of your cough because they hope to get informed and inspired through your speech.

This is one major reason why first approach matters alot. Most people on their first appearance in a particular place,they lack the ability of calling their-self to order,so they talk anyhow,dress anyhow and so on without knowing they are laying an undisolvable bad foundation.

Some attributes that one must posses to command respect include.

1. Discipline in Speech :-

If you must command respect,you should learn to be a man of few words but sensible ones. When you talk too much,you tend to talk out of contest anywhere you are. Some people all in the name of being jovial has lost their respect.

This is one major reason why you should be careful of giving comments,when you see people deliberating on matters,before you can contribute,think about what you want to say so that your speech won’t subject you to redicle.

In this same web,you must be careful when giving answers,it is not a must you give answers to all questions,majority the one you know not because immediately they quote that wrong word of yours,it spread wide than the seas.

2. Dress Conduct :-

I will start by confirming the statement that goes “the way you dress is the way you are addressed.” The outward appearance of any individual matters a lot. You don’t have to block too many colours to look good or carry on crazy hair do.

When you are always corporate in your dressing, people will be attracted to you and thereby make them respect you.

3. Diligence :-

Also to command respect,you must be good at what you do. If you are a kind of person that does his work with intelligence and professionally, people will respect you compared to someone who takes things with levity hands.

4. Communicative Ability :-

When you are outspoken,posses good manner of approach and have good communication skills,people will respect you. This is when you are able to relate to people nicely and value words. When you can easily express your feelings,people will appreciate your intellect and want to associate themselves with you which brings respect.

5. Decisional :-

If you must be respected for who you are, you must learn to take your stand on situations. You don’t have to be everywhere or go into things out of peer pressure , check it out, will it be of importance to you? If not then say “NO”, when people notice this about you,they will be careful of the things they bring to your notice or offer you. This will command respect.

6. A Man of Your Words :-

When no atom of truth can be found in your words,there is no way you can be respected. When you are fund of telling lies either in jokes or in truths,people tends to take you for an unserious type there by reducing your level of being respected.

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