10 Vocations That Will Earn You Big If You Learn Before Travelling Abroad

The BBN show is over and we all are so triggered by the 45million naira total price won by Miracle. There has since yesterday been a sort of craving and hunger in the heart of people to also get engaged in something that will fetch them money too.
It's also not a news how people are fighting tooth and nail to leave the country to go grab an hustle overseas. There are so many Nigerians at the embassy trying to get their visas stamped but the big question is,
What have they got to offer over there?
What skill have they got to exchange for dollars?

It is hightime we come off the idea of we just getting there to go pick up some dirty jobs, packing snows, baby sitting and some other shits.
There so many other things we can get engaged in that probably aren't white collar but paying damn well.
It's not just about travelling out there and getting there to become a pest on other Nigerians or the government over there, which is part of the reasons why they speak wrong of us.
There are so many vocations that we consider as works for those from the gutters here that are making a hell of money over there.

In this article, I will be giving a number of vocations or things you can learn here in Nigeria as soon as possible if you intend travelling out anytime soon.

You must have heard people on your street or around say
'The owner of that house down the street is a taxi driver abroad '
'The guy building that house is a hair stylist abroad ' and so on...

Below is a List Of Vocations or Things You can Learn Here In Nigeria Before Travelling Abroad :

1. Making of Ankara bags and shoes etc
2. Software development
3. Web development or design
4. Driving
5. Hair Making
6. Fashion Design
7. Nursing
8. Cooking skills
9. Baking skills
10. Weaving of Aso -oke etc..

There are a whole lot of them but let's start with these...
I will take these vocations one by each and show you how you can make cool cash from them abroad.
Follow this tread as I will start bringing them well packaged before you.

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