Getting lots of first timers on your blog on daily basis is one of the best things that can ever happen to you but turning your first timers into regular visitors is one of the greatest pursuit in blogging you must never sideline. How far a blog will go in your blogging career is dependent on the number of regular visitors it has.

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Maybe I should make you know at this juncture that a blog is just like a circular business where you offer a service to the people. Your visitors are your clients and just as every business will always want to keep their clients coming back  so do you need to work on keeping your visitors coming back.

At a point in my blogging career, I could boldly guess the amount of visits I will get in a day because I had studied my statistics and have seen that a minimum of 600 people must visit in a day, that shows the amount of people I have been able to tie down to my blog and now can’t help but to visit daily. This shows that in the case where you have a fluctuating visitors statistics of 500+ today and tomorrow 100+, the next 200+, that means you have not been able to get good number of people coming back.

This is why I have decided to give few working tips that will help you keep your visitors wanting to visit your blog even with their last megabyte everyday.. 


Immediately a business firm start switching from one service to another, its clients start loosing interest in it and instantly begin to doubt its competence. When your visitors sees that your blog is not stable niche wise, they will find it difficult to come back.

This is why you need to be sure of why you are blogging and what niche you have decided to move with. Your visitors want to identify you with a particular niche and wants you to maintain it and give the best of latest info on it.

Take for example I got to visit your blog because to are into the business niche and shares business ideas, if I visit next time and I see posts on health which is not what I need, a third visit is not guaranteed because I will immediately doubt your competence in that niche or hastily assume your un-seriousness.


When I am impressed with what you do or the service you render to me, you do not need any prophet to tell you I will keep coming back. If you are familiar with blogging, you would have  come across the word “CONTENT IS KING”.

When your content make sense and meet needs, your visitors are bound to come back. It mustn’t necessarily be too long, it can be short but detailed, well garnished with points people need. Even apart from coming back, when a visitor stumbles on your blog and is dazed by one of your articles, he/she can navigate through all other post in just that visit because your content is worth it.


So many bloggers get themselves screwed up in the process of trying to give a smashing design. You don’t have to block many colours or add many pages for your blog to look good and attractive.
On many occasions I have seen visitors click the ‘’back’’ button just because a blog is too heavy and take too long to open. Even if it carries great content, its inability to load fast is a disqualification.
Popup Ads or Email signup forms should be made optional and not compulsory, let your visitors be convinced by what you have to offer, do not bore them with this on a fist visit. When the get addicted to your blog, they will subscribe to you email list willingly and even click your ads as many times as they want, lol.

This is also one cool way to keep your visitors coming back for more articles. Breaking posts has to do with you dividing your articles into two sections, you can decide to discuss one part today and give the concluding part tomorrow. If your first section is able to captivate your readers or visitors and you are able to throw them in that eager or inquisitive mode, they won’t have any choice but to come back for the concluding section.

This also gives you chance to express yourself well on each section for your visitors to be able to phantom and grasp what you are saying.

Giving visitors hints on upcoming articles gets them ready for another interesting time on your blog. This has been a powerful tool for me as it has worked on several occasions in getting my visitor back on my blog.
You need to be smart enough to have come up with one cool article you intend giving out next on your blog. Having done that, try to prepare their minds towards it, if possible give likely points to be discussed and tell them not to miss it but be sure to meet their expectation by doing as you have said so as to uphold the trust.
 As a matter of certification, you have to visit this blog often as I will be dropping the other part of this article soonest. There are lots of ways to keeping your visitors coming back to your blog but for the sake of effectiveness, I have decided to divide it into two sections. This will help you effect the first part before the second comes up.


Engaging your visitors in a constant visit cannot be the problem if you play your cards well by doing the needful. Put into action the above tips and watch them work for you like magic.

 Drop your views, questions and contributions and if you need my assistance.

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