How To Make Money Buying Domain Names In 2018

It is very obvious that you decided to read this article as a result of curiosity. Lol.

If this topic gets you wondering and kept in the dark about the magic about it, then get prepared for freedom as I will be bringing the secret behind making money from buying domain names in 2017.

Be relaxed as this business idea is not for bloggers alone but for everyone who has got the guts to give it what it takes.

There are series of domain sales company like ;

1. Domainking,

2. Garantor,

3 Godaddy,

4. Namecheap etc.

They are the known seller of domain names but if you are smart enough and can follow the few steps I will be discussing here and now, you will start raking in cash in few days from now.

Making money from domain names is not restricted to only Nigeria but all countries of the world.

The issues here is you buying domain names and reselling them adding a little cash to it.

The fact is that there are some domain names that are really banging and hot. You can take a seat with a pen and paper then brainstorm on ground breaking and sort for domain names.

You can come up with lots of domain names on different niches, pick the top ones and buy them.

When you do this, you can now resell them to those who needs it. All you need is to transfer the domain to them and is you don't know how, see here.

This is the breakdown...

If for example I brain storm and came about




That is on entertainment.

If on tech I also got




So if I now decided to buy one of the one from entertainment and one from health.

After buying,it will be on your account and there will be people searching out to get good domain names, all you will do is suggest the domain names you have with you, if they love it, they will by from you since they can't get it online again.

Just add your little token and transfer the domain to the persons account.

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That is all, if you are confused with any part of this, ask your question via comment.

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