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7 High Institution Challenges You Must Prepare For

Understanding that the higher institution of learning is not a place of joke and comedy is one thing every aspirant of it must come to the knowledge of.

As much as we know that formal education is not a guarantee to success in life, it is incumbent that I disclose to you that the advantages it carries over the unlearned one or so called illiterates can not be overemphasized.

So many students at this juncture anticipate the release of admission screenings of their chosen school of choice but in the real sense of things only few are prepared or have a foresight of what really lies head.

As I will refer it, the higher institution is another world of its own, there are enough things to witness and also experience.

To this effect, I will be discussing below 7 High Institution Challenges You Must Prepare For

1. Conflict Of Orientation :

This is one of the greatest challenges of higher institution.

As I have said earlier, the higher institution of learning is another world of its own which accommodates various kinds of people with different backgrounds, upbringing and inbuilt orientation.

As it is not possible for you to survive there in isolation, you will need to meet with friends who will in turn disagree with some believes or orientation you brought to school and trust me, it is either they change you or you change them.

2. Disregard and Embarrassment :

Now, if you are a kind of person that takes offence so easily then you need to pay attention to this.

During registrations and some other processes, you can encounter embarrassing scenes from fellow students, lecturers, admin or registration officers etc.

Even during your screening, be prepared for it but know that you must learn to overlook things, not because you are a fool but because you are wise and trying to save your head from problems.

3. Lack Of Fund :

This kind of challenges in higher institution can be so annoying and tempting but you have got to keep things under control.

No matter how cool things can seem to be, t some point you run out of cash for a while and it can be distracting.

You must therefore to learn how to blend with the rich time an poor time, avoid being frugal in spending and be industrious.

4. Understanding Your Environment :

One of the greatest challenges of students is their inability to understand their environment.

You must be able to detect the dos and don't of your environment, understand the people around and know their pattern of relationship.

This is because people differs and misunderstanding of their personality can cause a chaos and a disagreement or fight with one person is the beginning of not having a free mind or peace of mind.

5. Academics :

I am not suppose to call this a challenge but yet will use it.

I believe a challenge is a test put to you to discover your level of strength and weaknesses which sometimes comes with a price for victory.

There is a need that you know that things will no longer be the way they used to be, not like the secondary school days.

» You must learn to take dictation,

» You must learn to read not just in convenient times,

» Skipping lectures should be ruled off,

» Laziness on assignment and projects should never be an option.

This will not be easy but you have got to be strong to fight through.

6. Need To Feel Among or Reckoned With :

So many will want to feel among, they will want to join cliques out of inferiority complex.

The challenge of not been respected or noticed among many will spring up but you need to know that joining the multitude will not make a difference but standing out will.

You strive not to feel among but strive to feel fulfilled, you don't earn respect by giving yourself to persuasions and wrong counsels but you earn it by taking your stand on issues and being yourself.

7. What do you think or have been thinking will bee your challenge in higher institution, comment it and I will give a reply on possible solution or way out.

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