Tuesday, 25 April 2017

How To Convert Youtube Videos To Audio Before Download.

Coming up with this article is as a result of the fact that I notice many people would have been looking for a way to do it.

Youtube is one of the most versatile platform to download all sort of videos to keep your boredom.

Most times when we go online to youtube to watch music videos or uncommon videos, we wish we could find a way to turn it to audio so it can be played and listened to at some other time.

In a nutshell below is a practical guide that will help you on how to convert your youtube video in to audio mp3 format.

Steps For Conversion ;

Go to YouTube Website on your Phone or Computer and search for your preferred video.

Step 1: Click on the link of your preferred video.

Step 2: Click on your browser address bar and copy the link of the preferred video.

Step 3: Open a new tab and input http://www.clipconverter.cc/, then paste the link you copy on the YouTube site to the box on the CLIPCONVERTER page.

Step 4: Click continue so that your the YouTube video link can be cached by the clip converting site.

Step 5: Click on MP3 on the available option. This would load the MP3 download link

Step 6: Click on Start at the button of the page. This would convert the video to audio.

Step 7: Click on the generated download links to have your audio file dropped on your phone or computer.

Did I just hear you say wow?

Its that easy, try it out and enjoy what you want to do. You can push your questions to us via the comment box.

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How To Redesign Your Gmail Account Background And Look.

So many people like to customize or redesign their laptop covers, phone cases, laptop home screen and phone home screen but may I let you know that your Gmail account can also be given a new look.

When I discovered this I was shocked because I never knew all this while that I have been using my Gmail account.

I am very much certain you do not know that you Gmail inbox page could be redesigned and made more beautiful.

Now apart from the fancy and good looking part, health wise, white backgrounds are often too bright for the eyes and thereby affects it.

Don't know if you have ever been with you pc or phone for sometime staying glued to the screen and noticing water coming out of your eyes.

Yes, the brightness could be the cause.

So below is the step-by-step guide to doing the redesign.

How to Customize Your Gmail Account;

You do not really need to do much other than changing your theme.

Step 1:

Log in to your Gmail account and you see the normal white inbox interface.

Step 2:

Navigate to the settings arrow at the upper right side of your screen, click on it to bring out the sub-menus.

Step 3:

Click on the ‘Themes’ option to bring out the different range of themes

Step 4:

Click on the desired them effect you want and save.

Its just this simple, try making a trial and see the magic that follows.

Make sure to drop your comments below.

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Monday, 24 April 2017

How To Make Money From Laundry Business As A Student

This is one vital secret I am about to give out in this post and I believe you are ready to grab it and use it well.

So many students in the higher institution complain of not having enough cash to handle school stuffs.

This is very true as there are lot of cases to attend to and most of which requires you to be financially buoyant. There are lot of ways through which one can earn money in higher institution but for the sake of this post, I have decided to talk on laundry business specifically.

It as been the ideology of many that the job is more of a stressful one but I will be giving you the easy step to doing it and doing it well.

Now, you will agree with me that there are lots of students in the higher institution that are somehow too lazy to wash their clothes.

Some might not necessarily be lazy but too busy to wash. Lecturers can even be brought into the picture, you just have to build your approach. You can wash their suits or native wears for them and get your pay.

 This are opportunities you need to take advantage of this so quick.

Before I proceed, I will like this to settle in your mind that you must pursue academic excellence first before thinking about starting a job.

You must be at the top of your game in class before you think of working and be sure to balance things effectively.

How To Start A Laundry Business In School :

1. Get Women that wash

2. Create Your Service Awareness.

3. Get Your Iron Ready

4. Get Packing nylons and

5. Pegs.

Now this is so so easy.

The first step as highlighted above is to get women that wash. Yes, there are women that wash for people. You should meet them to discuss with them. This is what you will do. Agree on an amount they will be washing for you, maybe 50naira per to and 100naira for trouser.

Having done this, you will be relieved of washing and all you will need to do is ironing and packing.

Calculate how much you want to charge per clothe.

See suggested prices below

Shirts/ T-shirts - 100naira

Trousers - 100naira/150naira

Suits - 300/ 400naira

Native - 300/400naira etc.

You can reduce yours and you can increase it depending on the type of students you have in your school. Now imagine if you get more that 20 clothes every two days, you can imagine how much you will be making.

Never judge by sight, lunch the price first and if they now want it reduced then you can bring it down.

How To Get Patronage For Your Laundry Business :

1. Make fliers

2. Inform Your Friend

3. Get a mini banner

4. Use the school press board

5. Notify your department mates

6. Dry clean for your lecturers. Etc.

Necessary Things You Must Learn Before Kicking Off

1. You must learn to iron

2. You must learn to apply starch

3. You must learn to fold clothes properly

4. You must learn the best detergent for different type of cloth.

5. You must learn to keep clothes well

If you can do this and do it properly, you will make you money cool from Laundry.

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How To Source Quality Capital To Start Your Business

Sourcing capital for business is not always an easy one. There are lots of people who carry great business ideas, great plans and investments but are rendered handicap by the absence of capital.

If you will take a stroll back to your primary education days, you will remember the four factors of production which happen to be;

1. Land

2. Labour

3. Capital and

4. Entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur who is the master of all can doo nothing in the absence of capital. The magic that calls the other to factors of production together is capital.

Have you been racking your head on how to start a particular business of your dreams? Then here is the solution on how to get capital.

Now, the capital sourcing method I want to discuss below might take time to accumulate but you will still achieve you plans. There is no gain without pain. There is no magic to getting money.

Below I Will Be Discussing 6 Ways On How To Source Quality Capital To Start Your Business :

1. Savings :

To start a business of your dream, you can get capital from your savings. If you have got a savings account or a kind of contribution you are into, you can take your money from there and kick off your business.

If on the contrary, you are yet to have a savings, you can start now. Make a plan and calculate how much you need for your business.

After this, set a target of when you want to start and plan to save every dine you get so as to make that money complete. There are some money dash we receive, don't spend it, save it.

You can use the bank, personal save or general contribution.

2. Do a Temporary Job :

Now, this doesn't make you forget your plans but help you work towards achieving it.

When you are yet to get a starting capital, you can engage yourself in a job. Start anything, you can work for other, either skilled or unskilled labour.

Have your plans at the back of your mind and save as you earn. When you get your money complete, then you quit.

3. Cooperative society:

This is one of the best place to seek fund for business. If you are not in one you can join in your area.

This requires trustworthiness anyways, you must be sure that the society is genuine and good. You must also be able to prove yourself reliable.

When you join, you have to contribute for sometime pending when you will be able to seek financial assistance.

4. Loan :

Loan is also one of the few ways through which you can get money to start your business. Load is a form of borrowing and refunding latter.

You can get loans from bank

Your friends can loan you money. Etc.

Loan requires sensitivity. You must first of all be sure of the business you are about to get into. Be sure it will give you certain and quick returns.

In collecting loans, do not pick close dates so as to persuade them to give you. Pick a convenient date that you are sure will work for you.

5. Seek Help From Friends And Organizations :

Yes, you can write letter to people stating the things you want to do requesting tnheir assistance.

This is one sure method that works. No money is too small. Let them give you while you save it and put it together and by the time you will be through, your money will be enough or even more than.

6. Engage in Competitions :

Yes, you can look out for contests that will fetch winners money. Enroll and try your best to win.

Giving your ideas the best shot is one of the best things that can happen to you. Most great business men and women you see today never had enough when they started.

When you see that after seeking funds, your money is not up to what you needed for the business, work on the business again and see if you can cut the cost.

If the business you wanted to start is supplying executive chairs for companies and you budgeted starting with 50 chairs and tables at 6million naira, if after getting or raising funds, you got 3.5 million, you can start with 25 chairs and tables. By the time you are through selling, you will be good to buy more.

Take these very important and I wish it works for you.

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How To Start A Football Viewing Center With Low Capital.

Starting up a football viewing center is one of the few money making businesses we have got today.

Have you ever come to realize how much those viewing centers gain on every match days. Sometimes there are over 15 matches in a week and showing all is just like somebody's monthly salary.

You can record over 150 viewers on every match day if you are ontop of your game and imagine how much you will be making if you fix a match for 100naira.

Maybe you have been considering starting a viewing center or you are beginning to gain interest in it as a result of this post, then sit back and ready the necessary things you need to start up.


» A good Space

» Televisions

» Marker Board

» Dstv Decoder

» Chairs or Benches

» Generator and

» Subscription Fee.

Yes, that's all.

Having this things in other is a guarantee that you are good to go.

You can observe you compound if the is space for you to use. It is not a must you get a shop or rent an apartment, you can start somewhere.

Ask your friends who has free space in their house if you can use it. Get a shed and set it up.

After this you need to sort for how to get benches or chairs. If you are financially buoyant, you can meet a capenter to make yours for you. And if you don't have enough, you can get benches around and return them after the match.

Next to this, you need a television set. You might not start showing two matches together due to financial constraints. You can use your home TV set and start up something.
The total subscription sum of the bouquet that covers all the league will cost you about N30.000 monthly or less, but it’s worth it. People always look for places where they could watch matches.

As the DSTV and it subscription, you might need to get it if you don't have at home. Do the subscription and kick off.

Your generating set is also important. if you have a good one you use at home, you can also use it. This is to cover up for power failure.


Now, you need to see on how to get viewers, below are some vital tips that will help you.

1. Make Banners

2. Give light refreshment to the first set of people that comes.

3. Do bonanza like watch 3 matches and watch 1 free

4. Tell you friends about it.

Extra Ways To Make Money From Your Viewing Center

1. Sell drinks

2. Sell snacks

3. Let them subscribe to Latest Match Sms

4. Do sms score update. Etc.
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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Introducing Creative Mind Designs(CMD)

You can now give your business a colourful touch with the emergence of The Creative Mind Designs.

Creative Mind Designs is one of the best art and design platform as far as now is concerned.

They are professionals at ;

• Creating Picture Cartoons

• Banners for Online Webinars

• Site Logos

• Blog Logos

• Business Logos

• Customized T-shirts

• Photographic Editing

€€€ €

• E-book Cover Design

• Music Cover Art Works etc

And Guess What...

It is all at an affordable price!

See some of their works below,

To contact CMD

Call : 08134571356

E-mail :

Facebook :

15 Businesses You Can Leverage On As A Lady To Make Thousands Naira.

Who says females are less important?

Who says ladies don't need to work but depend on parents or spouse ?

Who says ladies don't need to make it much?

Please tell that person to go take a nap.

It is amazing that the way females in the business world are making impact and differences is increasingly high.

Most ladies are settled with the mentality that they don't need to work or get a business of theirs, all they need to do is hook up with a rich guy. My dear maybe you should go and ask those who are married some few questions.

You as a lady can build your own business empire. You can be great and less dependent but yet submissive.

There are women or ladies who are making it real good in their own various businesses and I tell you the respect they get is superb.

Maybe I Should Highlight 7 Importance Of Getting Started With A Business Of Yours

1. It makes you less dependent on others,

2. It gives you respect and prestige,

3. It class you and not make you open to just any kind of guy,

4. It creates a kind of uniqueness in you,

5. It makes you financially buoyant,

6. It makes you a solution,

7. It makes people want to seek you to learn.

See all the goodies you want to miss.

Either you are yet to marry or you are married, getting engaged in your own business gives you all those advantages.

In this present world, not only males are destined to make it or allowed to make impact, the opportunity is opened for all. Don't let it go.

May I also cheap in this that guys nowadays are very selective. They don't go for idle hands. They want ladies who has got ideas and futuristic plans. Ladies who are creative. Ladies who can contribute to the success of the family.

Are you going to sit down and watch that happen as a majic?

Are you going to start building that a day to your wedding?

No, it must start now.

Have you ever wondered why so many married ladies or women aren't accorded much respect by their husbands, in-laws and people around?

It is because they have nothing to contribute. All they do is sit at home and eat or watch television. No income, no impact but just a parasite.

Now note that I will only be listing them, if you are interested in knowing more about any of them, just comment "more info on cake making" that's for example.

Also note that you might need to learn one or two of these things if you have no knowledge about them before.

Below I will be giving you a list of some businesses you can get into to earn a meaningful income;

1. Brain storm on one needful product you can make.

2. Start your own school

3. Become a professional event planner, grow your wings and get called to plan big events

4. Become a professional fashion designer,

5. Start a clothing company of yours

6. Start a mini importation business

7. Start making shoes and bags for sale

8. Tie and dye

9. Own a restaurant

10. Become a professional bead maker and supply to weddings and ceremonial events

11. Take up the makeup/Gele business and get profitable jobs

12. Become a consultant

13. Start a rubber or plastic company

14. Become a big time Photographer and cover great events.

15. Set up a recording studio and let people patronize you.

There are more businesses you can start up as a lady but these are just to mention in few.

If you need more insight on any just comment It and we will give you quick response.
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